Winston Cook is a singer-songwriter from Houston, Texas.

His musical journey started back when he was just a kid, classically-trained and performing in school marching bands and wind ensembles. The training was rigorous at the time, but was rewarding as it set the foundation for his love of music. Years later, as a college student, he picked up an acoustic guitar for the first time and tried his hand at songwriting. Not long after, he developed his craft and began performing at local bars around town, something a classically-trained musician like himself was unfamiliar with. And so, what began as a simple hobby soon became a rewarding passion that Winston was determined to pursue as a life-long career. Drawing from eclectic musical influences of his childhood, Winston began writing acoustically-based songs that didn't necessarily fit into a certain genre. He relied only on his lyrics, his voice, and his guitar to spread the message of his songs. But once inside the recording studio, the songs took on a life of their own. Winston realized he could draw on his creativity and his classical training to compose emotionally gripping pieces of music. Now, as a man in his early-20s, Winston continues to embark on the musical journey he started only a few years ago. While his work still remains acoustically-based, driven by emotional songwriting and clever composition, Winston strives to broaden his reach to audience members from all walks of life. Although his music will certainly change over time, he will remain true to his roots, providing songs that illuminate with musical creativity and beautiful lyricism. 

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